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BotGuard is a cloud-based cyber security partner for web developers. We selectively block bad traffic in real time, while granting unrestricted access to a website for human users, search engines, and affiliate tools.

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THE PROBLEM — Bad Bot Traffic Is A Growing Problem Across The Web

At least 36% of web traffic in 2020 was generated by bots, half of which are harmful to websites. Bots are increasingly being used for data theft and commercial manipulation. Cybercrime and acts of unfair competition are gradually becoming commonplace in online business.

What Damage Do Bad Bots Do To Businesses?

  • Excessive traffic and server load
  • Data theft
  • Inventory depletion
  • Advertising abuse
  • Credit card fraud
  • Dynamic price hacking
  • Fake ratings and feedback

  • Why Traditional Bot-blocking Tools Are Not Enough

    Popular WAFs fail to distinguish between legitimate users and new-gen bots. Bots are rapidly evolving and using sophisticated human-mimicking techniques. Most main-stream solutions aren't effective against new-generation attack tools and advanced bot software.


    All Standard Firewall Solutions Fall Short

    The human-like interactions of modern bots require a high level of intelligence and contextual analysis to distinguish them from real users, which no firewall solution can provide.

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    CAPTCHAs Only Annoy And Discriminate Against Legitimate Users

    CAPTCHAS aren't designed with everyone in mind and can leave users with disabilities feeling left-out. Advanced bots can already solve captcha with 99.8% accuracy, which is better than humans.


    Enterprise Level Solutions Are Unaffordable For 99% Of Website Owners

    The lack of dedicated SecOps teams or an efficient solution at an affordable price leaves SME businesses particularly vulnerable to bot attacks.

    THE SOLUTION — BotGuard Cloud Web Protection

    The BotGuard service enables the website admin to choose precisely who is allowed to access the website, and who is not. We block bad traffic in real time, while allowing unrestricted access to legitimate users. Our novel software was built for mass use, making it an accessible and affordable solution for a wide range of web developers and businesses.

    BotGuard Blocks Bad Traffic

    Web admins now have the tools to monitor and manage web traffic.

    With our service enabled, crawlers, spambots, suspicious visitors, and hackers are immediately blocked by default. Legitimate good human users, search engines, and cloud services can enter with no delay or action required. An administrator or web developer configures any additional custom rules in a convenient Rules Editor.

    ✓ Affordable Service Plans

    ✓ Light and Fast

    ✓ One-stop Solution

    ✓ Set-and-forget Maintenance

    Average protection price €5 ~ €160/mo depending on the traffic

    No traffic routing, proxies, or user action like captcha is required

    Protection from hackers, spammers, content thieves, and competitors

    ML-enabled system is constantly evolving to counteract new threats

    Integration Made Simple

    We offer several simple integration options for users of popular hosting panels (cPanel or Plesk), CMS tools, WordPress, and PHP applications. The integration process can be broken down into 3 stages, and you only pay if you decide to enable traffic blocking with our service, monitoring is free.

    You can check out all of our integration manuals and guidelines here.


    Choose the integration method best suited for Apache, NGINX, WordPress, or PHP.


    Monitor and analyze inbound traffic for free, then make an informed decision.


    Protect your website from attacks and reduce the server load by up to 30%.

    TERMS OF PARTNERSHIP — It's Easy To Do Business With Us

    Protect your customers' websites, reduce their expenses, and increase your revenue!

    Here's what we're offering to web developers interested in using the BotGuard Cloud Web Protection service:

    ✓ Instant integration with no code or architecture changes

    ✓ 24/7 security operations support for you and your customers

    ✓ Receive a monthly commission for the website’s entire lifetime!

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