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Customer Success Story: Hosting Provider

A Nordic hosting services provider that offers industry professionals a developer-friendly Linux VPS environment supercharged with high limits, fast SSD storage, and a state-of-art proprietary control panel.

“Combining the convenience and price of shared hosting with the capabilities of virtual dedicated servers.”

Hosting Data Center

The Problem

The company is experiencing high customer churn rates, with feedback that some of their end-users’ websites are slow and receive strange requests. The hosting company also needs a reliable solution to reduce overall infrastructure and uplink costs wherever possible.

The Solution

The company’s primary objective was to protect all end-user virtual servers from resource-consuming automated threats by default.

To achieve this, the company implemented the BotGuard Cloud Website protection service and offered it to all users free-of-charge, but with a monthly limit of page hits. All hits and domains in excess of the limit are charged.

The hosting company up-sells advanced website protection and traffic management to premium plan users with significant web traffic volume. BotGuard provides a handy Reseller Kit to help them get these new products out to their users.

The Outcome

All newly created virtual servers have a built-in feature to switch on the protection against malicious bots and hacker attacks. Many of the company’s users use the feature.

The results:

    The customer churn rate has improved noticeably and complaints about performance have been reduced by more than half.
    Significant savings in uplink and especially in server infrastructure costs have been achieved thanks to the reduction in unwanted traffic. The savings are more than three times higher than the cost of providing free protection to all clients.
    The hosting company has significantly reduced their support team's workload thanks toBotGuard’s 24/7 global support for all events related to L7 security.

The BotGuard Server and Web Host Protection Suite

A Comprehensive Suite of Hosting Tools

✓ Save on traffic and server resources

Blocking unwanted visitors significantly reduces the load on web servers and frees up a lot of resources.

✓ Reduce your customer churn rate

Reducing the load on your servers will improve overall server and website performance, leading to happier customers.

✓ Add website protection to your services

Provide your customers with robust web app protection from hackers, spammers, content thieves, and competitors.

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