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Hosting Partner Program

Reduce your customers’ risks with cloud-based website protection — If you already work with us as a hosting customer, you are invited to join our hosting partner program for upselling.

THE PROBLEM — Website Owners Are Looking For Protection Elsewhere

Bad bot traffic is a growing concern across the web among eCommerce stores and other website owners. Poor performance and website downtime caused by this malicious bot traffic is often perceived as a hosting problem, urging customers to change their hosting provider.

Many hosting companies already have some existing solution to mitigate some possible threats. Unfortunately, most main-stream solutions aren't effective against new-generation attack tools and advanced bot software. Here's why traditional bot-blocking tools are just not enough:

pro vs. home made

Professional vs. Home-grown Solutions

Home-made scripts only block the most easily recognizable bots at best, making this a less than adequate solution in defense against web threats. Maintaining such software with consistent updates and support also requires a large resource investment which isn't always a practical solution.

new gen bots

Most WAFs Fall Short Against "New-gen" Bots

Traditional WAFs fall short facing today's modern "next-gen" bots, which use sophisticated techniques to remain undetected. The human-like interactions of modern bots require a high level of intelligence and contextual analysis to distinguish them from real users, which no firewall solution can provide.


CAPTCHAS Only Annoy And Discriminate Against Legitimate Users

CAPTCHAS aren't designed with everyone in mind and can leave users with disabilities feeling left-out. In many cases it kills conversion rates and deters users from visiting your website again. Sophisticated bots can solve CAPTCHAs with 99.8% accuracy, which is better than humans.

THE SOLUTION — BotGuard Hosting Partner Program

Increase your revenue and stand out from the hosting competition by upselling your customers the most robust and flexible bot-protection in the market. The BotGuard Reseller Kit gives hosting providers the opportunity to upsell web app protection for highly trafficked websites, multiple domains, and premium users.

BotGuard is a very flexible partner to work with. We believe you know what is best for your business and the choice is always yours. Here's what we're offering within the Hosting Partner program:

✓ BotGuard Reseller Kit

Add "Security as a Service" to your offer of products and services. We provide you with a reseller marketing kit, technical manuals, and tech support to get started.

✓ End-user Level Customization

Unlike all other known solutions, we provide an opportunity for domain owners to fine-tune and customize protection rules on their own for each particular domain.

✓ 24/7 3rd Line Support

Our Security Operation Center experts will help your hosting team to solve any web application layer traffic security issues without having to access infrastructure.

Interested in joining our Hosting Partner Program?

Please send us a message at partner@botguard.ee to start upselling.

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